The Workpath app is designed to help organizations send appointment opportunities to their Mobile User's in the field.  Once the organization publishes an appointment opportunity, the Workpath system will automatically filter to find the most appropriate Mobile Users to service the appointment.

The Mobile Users that the system deems eligible for the appointment opportunity will receive a push notification on their phone. The Mobile User is instructed to click on the push notification to be redirected into the Workpath app and see further details.

The Mobile User can view the appointment opportunity on the Incoming Opportunities tab within the Workpath app.  The appointment date, appointment time, distance from the Mobile User's location, ordering organization, and number of services are immediately visible.

The Mobile User will then see further appointment details by clicking on the appointment bar. The Mobile User can see appointment ID, appointment date, appointment time, address, distance, services, supplies need, and more.

Once the Mobile User has verified the appointment details, the appointment opportunity can be claimed by hitting the "Accept" button. This will immediately place the appointment opportunity on the Mobile User's agenda and assign the Mobile User to the appointment on the Dashboard!

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