The Workpath app is designed to provide the Mobile User will all critical information (as determined by the ordering organization) so that the Mobile User can successfully complete the appointment opportunity in the field. The Workpath app will prompt the Mobile User to walk through a detailed progression to ensure compliance with the protocols established by the ordering organization.

  1. After the Mobile User accepts or is assigned to an appointment opportunity, all details, including patient information, will become visible in the Workpath app. 

2. If the service requires any supplies, the Mobile User will be prompted to verify that they have all necessary supplies to successfully complete the appointment opportunity.  The Mobile User will do this by clicking the circle next to each supply and then hitting the "Ready for Appointment" button at the bottom.

3. When it is time for the Mobile User to head to the appointment opportunity the Workpath app will prompt the Mobile User to hit "On My Way". As soon as the Mobile User complies, they will receive GPS navigation to the appointment location and the system will begin to track their route and mileage accrued. 

4.  While at the appointment opportunity, the Mobile User is prompted to walk through the step by step protocol for the service as defined by the ordering organization. The Mobile User can proceed to the next step once each step is checked off the list. 

5.  After the Mobile User completes the onsite portion of the appointment, they will be directed to complete any follow up steps needed (i.e. record shipping ID). If there are no subsequent steps, then the Mobile User will mark the appointment complete!

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