The Dashboard is not only where you come to order new appointments or shifts, it’s also where you come to track and monitor all of your team's work in real-time. All the information you need about every ordered service is right on the Dashboard. You can see what time the Service is scheduled for, who ordered it, the Service location, which of your Mobile Users is fulfilling it, patient or customer information, and even the real-time status of the appointment.

Your Dashboard is filled with tools and options to personalize your Workpath experience. These are some of the key parts of the Dashboard:

  • Appointment Status: We’ve color-coded all the different appointment statuses so that you can easily identify the progress of your appointments at a glance. You’ll be able to monitor each appointment in real-time according to GPS tracking and the progress of your Mobile Users in their mobile app.  Check out the statuses

  • Appointment Detail: If you ever need to edit the details of an appointment, or view more details than what's listed on the Dashboard, tap on the status bar of any appointment for a full detail view. In the full detail view, you'll be able to double check any information (like equipment required or the street address), or make adjustments to any information. 

  • Search, filter, and switch views: This top section of the Dashboard is where you can search for specific appointments, adjust which appointments you see and in what order, and toggle between List View and Calendar View.

  • Alerts menu: When a red box appears here, it means there are new alerts you need to know about. Click on the red box to see a full list of your alerts. An alert could be an adjustment to the date/time of an appointment, an appointment cancellation, or a response to one of your User invitations. Tap the X in the top right corner of the Alerts Menu anytime to close it.

  • Purple appointments: Whenever you see an appointment with a purple border, that means it needs your attention. A purple appointment could mean two things: 1. The appointment is scheduled within the next 24 hours, and there is no assigned Mobile User.  2. GPS tracking in the assigned Mobile User’s app has calculated that the Mobile User will be over 15 minutes late to the appointment. 

Use the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen anytime to reach us directly with any additional questions!

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