One of the most powerful, business-building tools that we offer is the Service Request Form. This feature allows you to receive work opportunities from all of your customers, even if they're not part of the Workpath network. That way, you can track and manage all your company’s work in one place, no matter where it comes from.

Here’s how to use the form: 

Navigate to the Service Requests tab in the platform.

Customize your form with the fields that you'd like to be displayed when the form is accessed by your customers.  To do so, hit the Customize Form Fields button in the upper left. 

If you'd like the field to show on the form, make sure you check the Visible option. If you'd like to require the customer to fill out the field prior to submitting a request, make sure you check the Required option.

Once your custom form is created:

Copy the Service Request Link and share it. Each customer you send this link to will fill out a brief form with some basic information about their requested appointment. 

Customer order(s) will show up in your Service Requests Inbox in your account and you will be notified with an alert over the Service Requests tab.

When you receive new Requests, you can decide if you'd like to convert them into new Workpath appointments. If you choose to do so, tap on a request.

The information in the Service Request will automatically transfer into the fields of the New Appointment page. Most of the appointment information will already be completed – you just need to fill out any missing information

When you’re finished, tap Save Appointment and you will be able to claim the appointment then publish it to your network, just like any other Workpath opportunity. Check out how to claim and send an appointment here

Use the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen anytime to reach us directly with any additional questions!

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