Create a pool of Tags that are relevant to your work. 

Think through the certifications, licenses, requirements, credentials, equipment, etc. that could qualify whether or not a Mobile User is able to perform a certain type of service. Each of those requirements can become a separate Tag. 

Add your Tags to User profiles, Services, and work opportunities.

Here are some ways to use Tags:

  1. Whenever you add a new Mobile User to your account, add the Tags that represent their qualifications and capabilities to their profile. Similarly, when you create new Services, add the Tags that represent which qualifications or capabilities are required of the Mobile User who ultimately performs that Service. That way, our system will only post new appointments to your Mobile Users who are qualified to perform them.

  2. If there are recurring themes in your work that you'd like to quickly identify at-a-glance on your Dashboard - like 1st Shift, 2nd Shift, or STAT - separate them into Tags and then add them to new appointments/shifts so they'll show up on your Dashboard. 

Follow these steps to create a Tag:

Click the Add a Tag button.

Add a Tag name.

Select a Tag color.

Add a Tag description (optional).

Do you want the Tag to prevent a Mobile User from accepting an appointment if they don't meet the qualifications?

Use the Authorize toggle (as seen below) to set this. 

An ‘Authorize’ Tag means that if a Mobile User doesn’t have the Tag, they won’t be able to accept that opportunity from their app. For example, if a Tag will be used for a particular certification or equipment requirement – like RN, LPN, EKG Trained, BP Cuff - you’d want this to be an ‘Authorize’ Tag.  Authorize tags should be applied to both the Service and the Mobile User. 

Conversely, a ‘non-Authorize’ Tag is one that’s displayed on the Dashboard, but doesn’t prohibit Users from accepting the opportunity. For example, if a tag is informational and simply designed to help your Office Users organize your work – like 1st Shift, 2nd Shift, STAT – you do not need to toggle Authorize on. 

Click Save Tag and you’re finished. 

If a Tag is being used to manage the licenses, certifications, or training of your Mobile Users, you should consider setting it to be an Expiring Tag.

In order to create an Expiring Tag, follow the same steps as above, then apply the Tag to your Mobile User's account.
Once the tag is saved to the Mobile User's account, click on the Tag and an "Expires On" input box will pop up.
Enter the date that the Tag (certification, licensure, training, etc) will expire. 

You'll receive an email when the Mobile User's Tag expires so that you can reach out and ensure the Mobile User's credentials stay up to date. 

Using Tags enables our system to automatically determine who’s qualified for each of your opportunities, so you don't have to worry about it!

Need more help understanding or creating Tags? Chat with us and we’d be happy to help.

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