Welcome to Workpath! We’re so happy you’re here. 

You’ve signed up and logged in. Now what?
Here are the first steps you should take to get started. They’re the foundations for usage of the Workpath platform.

1. Update your Company Profile

Your Company Profile is the face of your organization in the Workpath platform, so make sure you’re represented well. Your clients will see your company name, logo, and contact information when you share the Service Request Form with them.

To edit, navigate to the Company Profile tab, fill out the profile page with your company information, and upload your company logo. When you’re finished and ready to move on, tap Update Profile at the top right of the screen.

For a more in-depth look into how to update your Profile, check out this article

2. Add your Team to your Account

Each part of our platform – our web application and our mobile application – was designed for a different User on your team, and we divide your team into two types of Users: Office Users and Mobile Users.

Office Users are your coordinators, your schedulers – anyone who will use the web application (app.workpath.co) to schedule appointments and shift opportunities, assign them to your Mobile Users, and monitor your work.

Mobile Users are your team members who will use our mobile app to accept your appointments and shift opportunities, manage their work calendars, and perform your ordered services. 

To invite new Users, navigate to the Users tab in the platform and invite your team to your account so you can begin ordering appointments and dispatching your team to perform them.

For a more in-depth look into what Users are and how to add them to your account, check out this article.

3. Add your Services to your Account

Before you can order new appointments or shifts, you will need to add the Services that your company can perform. Anytime you order a new appointment or shift, you’ll select the Service that you’re ordering, and all of the details of that Service will automatically populate into your Mobile User’s app so that they know exactly what to do when they arrive at the appointment. Additionally, when your customers order new appointments or shifts from your organization, they’ll select from the Services you’ve created in your account.

Services are fully customizable and you can add as many as you like. To add your Services, navigate to the Services tab in the platform, and click "New Service".

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Those are the basics. Once you’ve completed the steps above, you’re ready to dive onto your Dashboard to start ordering appointments and shifts. Be sure to check out the other articles in our Help Center to learn what else you can do with Workpath.

Use the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen anytime to chat with us directly if you have any additional questions!

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