Before you can order new appointments or shifts, you must create Services on your Workpath account that reflect the services your company offers. This is for a couple reasons:

  1. Anytime you order a new appointment or shift, you’ll need to select the Service that you’re ordering, and all of the details of that Service will automatically populate into your Mobile User’s app so that they’ll know exactly what to do when they arrive to the service site. 

  2. When your customers order new appointments or shifts from your organization, they’ll only be able to choose from the Services you’ve created in your account.

Services are fully customizable, and you can add as many as you like. 

Here’s how to create your Services:

Navigate to the Services tab in the platform. This is where each of your organizations’ services will be listed. 

Click on New Service in the upper right corner of the screen.

Enter the name of your Service. Set the duration of your Service. The system will automatically account for the duration of the Service when scheduling your Mobile Users and appointments.  Add a fee for the Service so that your customers know how much you charge for the Service.

Does this Service require the Mobile User to follow specific steps?

Add the steps, in order, that the Mobile User will need to complete for the appointment. If you need to add more than one, hit the Add a Step button. 

When entering steps, you can select how you want the steps to be presented to the Mobile User in the app. You can choose if you want the step to appear as a checklist or data collection point. If you want to require the Mobile User to collect data you can select the method of entry via the Workpath app - free text, photo, or bar code scan. 

You can enter as many steps as needed.  Your Mobile User will be required to interactively engage with the app and walk through your step by step protocol while completing the appointment in the field. This is a tool to ensure your Mobile Users are maintaining the highest level of quality in the field.

Does this Service require the Mobile User to bring equipment and/or supplies?

Add the equipment and supplies that the Mobile User will need for the appointment.  If you need to add more than one, hit the Add a Supply button. You can enter as many as needed. The equipment and supplies that you add here will show up on the Mobile User's app whenever you order this Service. This is a tool to ensure your Mobile User always shows up to the appointment with the equipment and supplies that they need to successfully complete the appointment.

Does this Service require anything to be shipped?

The Workpath mobile app is capable of scanning barcodes in the field and communicating the shipping ID back to your web platform. If you do require a barcode to be scanned in the field, simply toggle the Add Shipping Option button to ON (green).

Does this Service require any Tags?

Tags help you post new opportunities to appropriately-qualified mobile users. To learn more about our customizable tagging system, visit our Tags help page. 

Hit Save Service and you will now be able to view the Service on your Services tab.

*Don’t forget, when you order a new service, the details you’ve provided will populate into your Mobile User’s app and they’ll follow your protocols as they perform the service. They’ll see the list of required equipment and your step-by-step instructions in the app, and they'll have to check off each performed step before completing the service. So, it's important that you’re clear about what they need to do!

Use the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen anytime to reach us directly with any additional questions!

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