User Communication Preferences allow Office Users to receive automated notifications outside of the platform informing them about particular events that occur within your company's Workpath account. 

To update a User's Communication Preferences, click on their name from the Users page. Then, scroll to the bottom of their profile and expand the Preferences tab. Select each notification type that you'd like them to receive:


  • Receive an email when an invitation is accepted or declined.

Appointment Cancelled

  • Receive an email when an appointment is cancelled.

Appointment Time Change 

  • Receive an email when the time or day of an appointment has changed.

Service Request 

  • Receive an email when a new service request form is submitted.

Appointment Escalation

  • Receive an email when an appointment turns purple. An appointment is escalated to a higher priority (turns purple) if it is set to happen within 24 hours and a Mobile User hasn't yet accepted it OR if a Mobile User, based on their GPS location, is going to be 30+ minutes late to the appointment.

For Labor Providers - Direct Appointment

  • Receive an email when a Partner of your organization sent an appointment to your organization directly.

Transaction Settled

  • Receive an email when a payment is settled.

Tag Expiration 

  • Receive an email when a Tag expires on a Mobile User.

Be sure to click Save User when you're finished. 

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