Appointment statuses allow your team to track what's happening with every appointment in real-time. As soon as an appointment progresses to the next status (via prompting from a User on the web platform or in the mobile app), the appointment's status will automatically update on your Dashboard.  You'll see each appointment status on the Dashboard, or you can click on the appointment for a closer look. 

Here's a breakdown of each status and what it represents:

Preview - The appointment has been created but is missing a piece of information or the date/time is set in the past.

- The appointment is placed into available status as soon as it is created. If you are connected with Labor Providers through the platform. They will be able to see your appointment while it is in available status.

Claimed - The appointment has been claimed by one of your Labor Providers or your organization internally. The organization that claimed the appointment is the one that will have one of its Mobile Users complete the appointment.

Published - The appointment has been sent to your entire network of authorized Mobile Users and is waiting for one of them to claim it through the Workpath app.

Accepted - The appointment has been assigned to a Mobile User or accepted by a Mobile User through the Workpath app.

Ready For Appointment - The Mobile User has confirmed that they are aware of the appointment details and have all necessary supplies for the appointment

On The Way - The Mobile User is on the way to the appointment address

Arrived - The Mobile User has arrived at the appointment address

In Progress - The Mobile User has started the appointment with the patient

Leaving - The Mobile User is leaving the appointment address

Processing - The Mobile User is completing any post onsite appointment steps

Shipping - The Mobile User is shipping the specimen (this will only appear if you
have the shipping stage activated for that Service)

Completed - The Mobile User has completed the appointment

Cancelled - The appointment has been cancelled for any reason

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