You receive a screenshot of the Mobile User's route and arrival time on the "Mileage Tracking" tab of the appointment page.

As soon as your mobile user hits "On the Way", the Mileage Tracking feature will provide you with visibility into the estimated mileage from the mobile user's current location, estimated time of arrival, the actual route taken, and actual mileage traveled for every appointment.  The route will lock with the actual arrival time as soon as the Mobile User hits "Arrived" in the Workpath mobile app.

Here's how it works:

  1. Your Mobile User simply selects, "On the Way," in the Workpath app and the system will estimate the mileage and provide an ideal route to the appointment from their current location.

  2. The system will continuously ping their Workpath app to gather GPS location while they are navigating to the location.

  3. The Mobile User will be prompted to select "Arrived" when at the appointment location.

  4. Once the "Arrived" status is selected by the Mobile User, you’ll see the actual route and mileage data directly in the appointment details on your Dashboard.

  5. Use mileage information for financial reporting via the Finance Report.

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