If you see the red error message pictured above then 99% of the time that means 1 of 2 things, you are either entering an incorrect email address or password.

The easiest thing we can do at this point is to confirm you are entering everything incorrectly.  Make sure the email address you are typing is correct and does not have any spaces before/after, and verify that you are entering your password correctly.
📝 Passwords are case sensitive

If for whatever reason you are stilling getting this error, or you are not sure what your password is follow the below guide on getting it reset.

  • First thing we want to do is click click here link under the Sign In button, or you can also click here to start the password reset process.

  • After clicking on the link, you will be taken to the Reset Your Password form.  Enter your email address if it isn't already entered, solve the reCaptcha and click the Send email button.

    📝 NOTE: Once you start the reset password process you will have 15 minutes to locate the email and complete the process (if you don't see it right away, check your spam folder, just in case!) otherwise you will have to start over.

  • If the above steps were done correctly, after you click the Send email button, you would see the following green text.  Once you get to this screen, it is time to check your email's mailbox for further instructions.

    📝If you do not see them email check your spam folder

  • When searching though your mailbox, you want to look for an email sent from support@workpath.co with the subject Workpath Password Reset Requested and open it.

  • Within the email, you should see a link that says Click Here, go ahead and click it.  If for whatever reason you do not see it or it is not working or clickable, copy and paste the full URL below it.

  • The link will take you to a form to set your new password.  You will need to enter a new secure password, that when entered lights up at least 4 green bars. Solve the reCaptcha and click the Update password button.

  • If your password was successfully changed, you will be directed to a new login form, with a message that your password was successfully reset.

    At this point, note your password for safe keeping and login.

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