This guide will walk you through installing the Workpath Mobile App for Android.

  • First thing we want to do is find and open the Google Play Store
    📝 Image below shows the play store on the phones home screen

  • When the play store opens, we want to click in the center of the white Google Play search bar.

  • Once it has been clicked, it will expand and your keyboard will popup.  Go ahead and type workpath and hit enter.

  • After you have searched for workpath, you will be presented with a list of apps that match or are similar to your search.  We want to find the app Workpath by Iggbo, Inc, it will also have a orange enclosed W as the logo.

    Once found click it to open.

  • Once you click on the Workpath Mobile App you should be greeted with details & an overview of the app.

    From this screen go ahead and click  INSTALL.
    📝 I recommend connecting to WiFi prior to installing as it will use your mobile data unless prohibited elsewhere

  • After the Workpath Mobile App has finished installing you will be prompted with 2 new options where INSTALL used to be.  The two new options will be UNINSTALL & OPEN.

    Click OPEN to go to the app.

  • If this is your first time opening the Workpath Mobile App you will be prompted to give it permission to access your phones location data.

    📝 If this permission is not allowed you may not be able to view/accept any orders as we use your devices location to determine what orders you are allowed to view & accept.

    Click ALLOW

  • Once the permission has been granted, you can now go ahead and login.

    Enter the Email address you used to sign up and click Continue.

    Enter your password, if you do not remember your password you can view our guide on how to reset it available here

📝 If you entered both your email address and password but got an error message like below, then confirm you are entering the correct email address & password.

If it is still happening the please view our article on how to reset your password

  • If this is your first time logging into the app on your device, you will be prompted to go through an initial setup process.

    The first step in this process is setting & confirming a pin.
    📝 The pin you set will be used to access the app instead of requiring you to enter your email/password each time.  You will be prompted to enter your pin anytime you open the workpath app, and after 3 failed pin attempts you will be forced to login using your email & password.

    Furthermore, you will also be force to login using your email & password if you have not opened the Workpath Mobile App within a 48-hour period.  To ensure this does not happen, we recommend opening the app at least once per day at a minimum.

    Enter a PIN & Then confirm the PIN you just entered

  • After you have set your pin you will then be taken to the beginning of the initial setup.

    Just click Get Started

  • First thing we need to do here is update the profile picture, you can do this by clicking on the photo above the Update Profile Picture text.

    📝 If this is your first time setting up your profile, you may need to give the Workpath Mobile App permission to access your photo library.

    📝 The photo you use as your profile picture will also be used on your digital id badge

    If you see this screen, click Allow

  • After you have successfully uploaded a new profile picture, the Next button will light up and you will be able to proceed to the next screen.

  • Here you should see an address in Blue Bold Letters, click on it to set your home address.

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