Please make sure you have accepted the invitation from your organization and set up your Workpath account. 

If you have already accepted the invite, please proceed to your mobile device's respective app store - Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple). Search for "Workpath". Then click to Install the mobile app.

When you first open the mobile app, your phone will ask you if Workpath can access your phone's location. Location services MUST be turned on at all times in order for the Workpath mobile app to function properly.

Once you allow location services, you'll be on the mobile app login page. As you recall, you already created your account through your invitation (#########). Please use the same email and password to login on the mobile app.

Once you fill out the proper email and password combination, the Workpath mobile app will ask you to ENTER a 4-digit PIN and the CONFIRM that 4-digit PIN. This number is important to remember as this is how you'll reopen the app.

Once you've created your 4-digit PIN you will be redirected into the Workpath mobile app so that you can set your account preference and start to see your company's work opportunities.

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