Your account has been successfully created and you have logged in for the first time! Now, let's get your account set-up. Click Get Started in the Workpath mobile app and then make sure that your basic information is accurate. While your here, add a recent photo to use as your profile picture.

Next, tell the mobile app where your home base is and how far you are willing to travel for work. Please remember you MUST have your location services turned on in order for the mobile app to work properly.

Next, it's time to tell the mobile app when you are available to work. Select an upcoming day that you'd like to edit. Once you select the day, you'll be able to edit your hours. Please note this information is displayed to the organizations that you work with so they know when you are able to work.

You choose the dates and times you are available and if you'd like the availability to be recurring (choose the frequency and end date, if applicable) or just leave the availability for that day only and hit Save. You are able to edit as many days as you'd like.

Once you click Finish, you'll be taken into the app. You can go back and edit your availability at any time by going to the Profile tab of the app. 

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