The Workpath app is designed for your organization to communicate all critical appointment information so that you can successfully complete the appointment opportunity in the field. The Workpath app will prompt you to walk through a detailed list of steps to ensure compliance with the protocols established by your organization.

If your organization assigns work to you, you'll receive a push notification alerting you to the new work. You'll find the details on your Schedule page.

If your organization allows you to select the appointments that you'd like to complete, you'll receive a push notification alerting you to the new work. You'll find the details on your Incoming Opportunities page. Please note that push notifications will only be sent to you if a work opportunity is published within your area and is scheduled during your working hours (availability schedule). Therefore, it is critical that you constantly update your working hours and set your preferred travel radius.

If you are assigned an appointment, you will be able to open the appointment and view the details on your Schedule page. If you are evaluating Incoming Opportunities, you can review appointment details prior to accepting the appointment.

Once you've been assigned an appointment or you choose to accept an appointment, you'll be able to review appointment details from the My Schedule page and initiate the completion process. If your company has listed any supplies, you will need to acknowledge this by placing a green check in the circle next to each supply listed. Once all supplies are checked you will be able to hit "Ready for Appointment".

After confirming you have necessary supplies and clicking Ready for Appointment, you are ready to jump into the appointment. On the day of the appointment, you are ready for the next steps. At this time, you'll need to complete the outstanding appointment steps and the mobile app will communicate the real time status to your employer. 

Select On My Way when you are ready to head to the appointment. The mobile app will help you navigate to the appointment.

Once you've reached your destination, click Arrived. Please note that you are able to call the patient at any time!

Once you arrive, confirm necessary information and click Start Appointment.

As part of the appointment completion process, your organization might ask you to collect data or follow a specific protocol while you are on site with the patient. Data collection steps will show on the steps checklist page of the mobile app after you hit "Start Appointment". There are 3 ways that your organization can have you collect data - 1) free text, 2) bar code scanner, and 3) photos.

If your organization requires you to collect a photo, you will need to allow the mobile app to access your camera.  Please note the mobile app does not store any photos on your device.

The data that you collect via the mobile app will automatically, immediately transfer to your organization so that they can view it in the Workpath platform. Click the circle so that a green check appears if there is not a data collection requirement for the step. You will not be able to proceed to the Shipping page until all steps have a green check mark next to them.

If applicable, scan a tracking number here. Click Complete Appointment to complete the appointment.

You've completed an appointment! Once you click Complete Appointment, you'll see the overview of the appointment and will see the confirmation status of COMPLETED. Now, when you view your History tab on the Profile page, you'll see this appointment marked as Completed for your records.

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