Similar to the Service Requests the Order Forms all you to customize a form and provide it to your customers to send you appointments. With Order Forms you have a few more options:

  1. You can create multiple customized order forms for different customers of yours.

  2. You can convert orders from Order Forms directly to appointments as opposed to manually intervening every time.

  3. You can default the appointment start time.

You can access Order Forms via the Order Form tab. If you do not see this option, you will need to chat with our support team or reach out to your account manager to get set up.

Once you are on the Order Form tab click the "New Order Form" button so that you can create an Order Form.

  1. Add a name to your Order Form. This will be visible to the Orderer that is accessing the Order Form and is very important so that the Orderer knows which Form to access.

2) Decide whether you want orders submitted via this Order Form to convert directly to appointments or require you to manually convert them. If you choose to Auto Publish the orders , the orders will immediately publish to your Mobile Users.  If you choose not to Auto Publish, the orders will be placed on your Service Requests tab after they are submitted.

Please note: If you are using the Auto Publish option, you will need to choose a Group to auto publish orders from this form to automatically. How to set up Groups.

3) Enter a Provider Description. This text will be visible to your Orderers when they access the form.

4) Select the fields that you would like to populate on the Order Form when it's accessed by an Orderer. You can add fields by clicking the "Add a Provider Field" button.

You can select pre-set fields from a drop-down list or create your own custom fields.

After you select the field, you will need to determine if you want it to be visible and whether you want it to be a required field. Fields that are not visible will not show up to the Orderer on the Order Form. Fields that are required will need to be filled in before the Orderer can submit the order.

You can add as many fields as needed but keep in mind the Orderer will need to fill out the fields in order to submit an appointment. 

5) Click the "Save Order Form" button.

6) You can now view and edit the Order Form directly from the Order Form tab.

Chat us if you have any questions!

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