The Order Form is a customized form that helps you to collect all the necessary information from your customers. In order for your Orderers to submit orders, you will need to add them directly to the specific Order Form that you would like them to access. The below steps will help you to add an Orderer to an Order Form.

1) Go to the Order Form tab.

2) Click on the Order Form where you would like to add the Orderer account.

3) You will see a section in the upper right side of the screen labelled "Users". Within this section you will be able to 1) invite new Orderers and 2) see Orderers that are attached to this Order Form currently.

4) Type the email address of the orderer that you would like to invite to this Order Form. Click Enter on your computer's keyboard. This will send an email invite to the Orderer account. 

5) Once the Orderer accepts the invite, you will see his/her name underneath the users section. Now when the Orderer logs into Workpath, he/she will be able to see the Order Form.  You can remove the Orderer at any time by clicking the "X" button.

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