Order Forms provide you with an opportunity to create a custom form for your Orderers to submit work opportunities to your company. Once you've invited an Orderer to your organization and attached them to the proper Order Form, the Orderer will log in at https://app.workpath.co/.

1) Log in at https://app.workpath.co/

2) The Orderer will have two tabs that are available once they log into the account - 1) the Dashboard and 2) Order Appointment. 

The Dashboard option allows the Orderer to review appointments that they previously submitted from their account. Please note they can not see appointments submitted by other Users under your organization.

The Order Appointment option allows the Orderer to submit new appointments.

3) When the Orderer selects the Order Appointment tab they will be prompted with the Order Form options that you have tied their account to during set up.

4) Once the Orderer selects an Order Form they will be prompted to fill out the fields that you pre set when you created the Order Form. After the Orderer fills out all of the fields they will click the "Order Appointment" button. Please note: only the fields that you marked as "Required" are required to be completed by the Orderer prior to submission. 

5) The Orderer receives a confirmation message as soon as the order is submitted.

6) The Orderer can now follow along with the appointment in real-time via the Dashboard tab. 

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