The Hours Tracking Report allows you to track and verify the amount of time your Mobile Users are working during a specific time period. You decide which Mobile Users you want to review, during what calendar period, and what time range specific to the appointments. From there, you can easily download a csv and upload it to your payment processor. 

1) Go to the Reports tab.

2) Click on the Hours Tracking page. This will redirect you to the Hours Tracking report. 

3) Determine the calendar range for which you would like to review the hours worked by your Mobile Users. You can select from a few preset options - This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Week - or you can set a custom range. 

4) Determine the status range that you would like to calculate the time between. This is based on the time that the Mobile User reaches the status for each appointment during the specified time range. 

For the first option (on the left below) you can select to calculate from the following statuses: Accepted, Ready For Appointment, On The Way, Arrived, In Progress, Shipping.

For the second option (on the right below) you can select to calculate to the following statuses: Ready For Appointment, On The Way, Arrived, In Progress, Shipping, Complete. 

Please note that you can only calculate for statuses that occur after the status that you selected to begin the calculation from in the first option (on the left above). The unavailable options will be grayed out as seen below.

5) Determine the options for how'd you'd like the data displayed in the table. You can do this by click the Options button. 

There are a few options available:

  1. Inactive: hide or show.  This gives you the option to hide the Mobile Users that did not register any activity during your specified calendar range.
  2. Units: hours or minutes. This gives you the option to determine the units of measurement for the data.
  3. Rounding: 1 min, 15 min, 30 min, 60 min. This gives you the option to determine to what extent you would like to round the data. Please note: if you select the minute unit you can only round to 1 min. 

6) Now you can review that data based on the filters that you applied. Here's what each of the columns display:

  1. Name: The Mobile Users name.
  2. Total Appointments Accepted: The number of appointments the Mobile User accepted or was assigned to during the specified calendar range. 
  3. Mins/Hours Worked (Set Duration): The total minutes/hours worked based on the set appointment duration. This is strictly based on the duration field that is visible on the appointment page. Durations are based on the services that are ordered with an appointment. 
  4. Mins/Hours Worked (Status Updates from Range): The total minutes/hours worked based on the specified status range.

7) You can export the data by using the download csv button in the upper right.

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