In order to enable\disable app permissions we first need to open the phone's settings app.

The quickest way to access the phone’s general Settings is to swipe down the drop-down menu from the top of your device screen. For Android 4.0 and up, simply pull down the Notifications Bar from the top and then tap the Settings icon.

When the notification menu drops down, go ahead and tap on the Cogwheel in the top right of the screen.

Once in the Settings Menu scroll down the list until you find an entry from below

  • Apps

  • Apps Manager

  • Application Manager

  • Applications

After you have found and selected the application manager, you will be presented with a list of apps that are currently installed on your device.

Scroll down until you find the Workpath app and open it.

From App Info select Permissions

On the next screen enable/disable the permissions that your require

  • Camera - Required for scanning barcodes, or taking photos if required by order

  • Location - Required for the system to display orders in your area and for you to get most notifications.  Also used for GPS directions and milage tracking.

  • Storage - Used for updating your profile photo and can be safely turned off after initial account setup.

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