This guide will walk you through installing the Workpath Mobile App for iOS devices.

  • First thing we want to do is find and open the App Store
    📝 Image below shows the App Store on the devices home screen

  • After the App Store has opened, select the Search icon in the bottom right

  • On the Search page, tap between the Magnifying glass and App Store to activate the search box.

  • In the search box, start typing Workpath until you see it on the list and select it.

  • From the list of apps, select Workpath

  • While at the Workpath app store page, select GET to begin the download

  • After the app has finished downloading select OPEN

  • On the app's first launch you will be prompted with two questions all related to allowing the app access to do the following

    1. Notifications - Allows the app to send notifications to your device
    2. Location - Allows the app to request your location
    📝 We recommend Always however Only While Using the App will also work
    📝 The app will request your location once when the app is opened, and if your "On The Way" to an appointment it will aggressively request your location until the appointment status has been updated to "Arrived"
    📝 If Don't Allow is selected then you may not be able to view/accept any orders as we use your devices location to determine what orders available to you.

  • After the permissions are set, all you need to do is login as the app has been successfully installed.

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