If you are not receiving notifications from workpath on your mobile device this guide will help you troubleshoot the issue.

Step 1 - Confirm airplane mode is not turned on

follow the steps here to check and see if airplane mode is turned on and how to turn it off.
link: http://help.workpath.co/en/articles/3406322-enable-disable-airplane-mode

Step 2 - Confirm your device is not on silent

for iOS/iPhones

  • Make sure the "silent" switch is not on

  • Make sure the volume is not set on mute

for Android Devices

  • Hit the physical volume +/up button to trigger the on screen volume alert

  • Tap the downward arrow in the top right corner of the alert to expand it

  • Once expanded, increase the volume on Ringtone & Notifications

Step 3 - Confirm your device is not on DND

for iOS/iPhones:
Follow the steps in our Enable/Disable DND Mode for iOS/iPhone guide to confirm it is disabled.

link: http://help.workpath.co/en/articles/3411985-enable-disable-dnd-mode-ios-iphone

for Android Devices:
Follow the steps in our Enable/Disable DND Mode for Android guide to confirm it is disabled.
link: http://help.workpath.co/en/articles/3412467-enable-disable-dnd-mode-android

Step 4 - Confirm you have a set schedule

Open the Workpath app 

  • From the dashboard, goto the My Profile tab (person icon on the bottom right)

  • Select Availibility tab from the top right

  • Confirm there is a blue dot on the week view and blue blocks in the list view for the days & times you are available for work.

📝If this screen is empty of all blue dots and blocks then you will need to add/set your working hours
link: http://help.workpath.co/en/articles/3415979-set-your-work-schedule

Step 5 - Confirm Workpath is allowed to display notifications

for iOS/iPhones:

for Android Devices:

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