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  • [fix] Releasing an appointment to multiple Labor Providers will keep the appointment in Available status until a Labor Provider claims the appointment.

  • [fix] Patient names are no longer hidden from Orderers.


  • [enhancement] Appointments API V2


  • [enhancement] Office users under Managed Service Originator organizations can now see services and the service details with a read-only view. All users under non-managed organizations still see services as they did before.


  • [enhancement] Update UI with the SMS Opt-Out tag on appointment patient information if a patient has opted out of SMS by responding with "STOP".


  • [enhancement] Add "Pending" status filter to filtering options on Appointment Dashboard.


  • [enhancement] Office Users now have the capability to use Order Forms.


  • [enhancement] Display Organization theme image, name, and email on Order Forms and Patient Request Forms.

  • [enhancement] Add ability to edit labels on Order Form Fields. These edited labels will be what the Orderer and the Patient will see when completing an Order Form or Patient Request Form.

  • [enhancement] Add a label for uploaded documents on intakes to differentiate newly uploaded documents from those which were uploaded previously.


  • [enhancement] Add Postal Code search term to Appointments list and Appointment Calendar search.


  • [enhancement] Patient Appointment Reminders will send when the appointment status is set as "Available" or "Ready for Appointment". Previously, these would only send when the status was "Available".


  • [enhancement] Add SMS opt-out field type to Order Form patient fields; this allows patients to opt out of receiving any text messages.

  • [enhancement] Add Time of Day restriction fields to Appointment Time field on Order Forms; this will help restrict appointments from being scheduled outside of a desired time block.

  • [enhancement] Add Weekend Scheduling restriction to Appointment Time field on Order Forms; this will help restrict appointments from being scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays.


  • [enhancement] Add “Patient Name” to the Custom Patient Messaging Template Tags

  • [enhancement] Add “Appointment End Time” to the Custom Patient Messaging Template Tags. Note: The “Appointment Time” Template Tag has become “Appointment Start Time”


  • [enhancement] Add ability to view on an intake the documents that are uploaded by the patient

  • [enhancement] When converting an intake where patient phone number isn’t required, don’t require phone to create the appointment


  • [fix] Include Requisition ID and Provider Notes in the Appointment Dashboard CSV download


  • [enhancement] Date picker on Order Form Patient Fields has a restriction to prevent the patient from picking a date that is “today” or earlier. The patient completing the date field must select a date in the future that isn’t “today”

  • [feature:enhancement] Patient self-scheduling reminder SMS and email messages are now included in the Customizable Messages options


Mobile app: iOS v6.0.3 and Android v3.0.3

  • minor bug fixes


  • [fix] Removing recurring time blocks set in the future on Mobile Users schedule no longer returns 500 error

  • [fix] Top bar containing logo no longer blocks buttons on the patient tracking map when viewing on a smaller screen


  • [enhancement] Include created_at column on appointment CSV download

  • [UI] Add labels to login inputs and remove placeholders

  • [fix] Tag selector no longer clears when adding certain tags


  • [feature] Office User Preference to receive an email and notification when a Mobile User schedules time off

  • [feature] Office User Preference to receive an email and notification when a Mobile User adds a note to an appointment

  • [enhancement] Organization Preference to automatically send an appointment to Published status when releasing to a single Labor Provider

  • [UI] Order Form and Organization Edit fields are full width on mobile screen sizes

  • [fix] All default Organization Preferences are present for new Organizations


  • [enhancement] Round payment amount to two decimals

  • [enhancement] Add Save button when editing Tags on User

  • [fix] Reload Appointment Services more frequently

  • [fix] Successfully remove Services from Appointment when editing

  • [fix] Display Tags on new Intake forms

  • [fix] Address State is uppercase for new invited Mobile Users

  • [fix] Preserve Provider Notes when updating other Appointment fields

  • [fix] User Indexes when deleting a User or updating the User’s email

  • [fix] Appointment Date appears correctly in Safari and Internet Explorer


  • [enhancement] Organization payload audit

  • [fix] Delete used tags within a specific environment


  • [enhancement] Opt-out for Patient Messaging: Users with appointment edit permissions can opt out of sending patients messages for appointment reminders, provider logistics updates, and appointment cancellation or scheduling changes

  • [enhancement] Order Form Auto Publish: When Auto Publish is enabled on an order form, on form submit the address will be validated using the address validation modal, when Auto Publish is disabled on an order form, the address validation modal will not appear on form submit

  • [copy] Custom Date Range on Dashboard Map View changed to Start Date and End Date

  • [UI] Center Address Validation suggestion

  • [fix] Display correct date when editing an appointment in a different timezone from where it was created

  • [fix] Exclude unscheduled appointments in Appointment Reminders glider

  • [fix] If no patient DOB is saved, don’t show DOB in mobile app

  • [fix] Availability Timeline filter no longer defaults to AM


  • [feature] Internationalization Phase 1: Support for addresses, phone numbers, and currencies for Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Netherlands, Sweden, and United Kingdom

  • [fix] Release to Third Party Modal: If a user has null lat/lng, the modal will still show distance of the closest user with a valid lat/lng


  • [feature] Partner tags: a new type of tag that an originating organization can apply to a labor provider’s profile, and are only visible to the originator

  • [enhancement] Release to third parties modal now displays best matches based on location, availability, and authorization tags. The list of available third party organizations will display the distance of the closest person in miles, and display any partner tags that have been applied to the labor provider

  • [UI/UX] Tag select at the bottom of Service edit page opens to the top


  • [enhancement] Hide the users created by a server client

  • [anti-enhancement] remove IOP and Event options from Appointment Type. Existing appointments with these types will be changed to Shifts.

  • [fix] Show updated Service Steps in appointments if Steps on a Service have been updated

  • [fix] UI adjustment for Firefox: Actual Mileage field doesn’t expand past the Mileage Tracking tab


  • [fix] Tag picker issues


  • [enhancement] Allow SAML users to belong to multiple tenants


  • [UI/Copy] Rename “Provider Notes” to “Appointment Notes”

  • [fix] Archive Service: reference vendor on fetched resource

  • [fix] Verify addresses typed in address fields on auto-publish order forms

  • [fix] Escape characters in custom field names


  • [enhancement] Track when a service is edited on an appointment in the appointment notes

  • [enhancement] Validate through API “other” as a required field when scheduling time off

  • [fix] Send default message to patients if custom patient messaging feature flag is off with standard patient messaging enabled

Mobile App: Android v 3.0.1

  • [enhancement] Show Address Label and Address for Pre-Appointment and Post-Appointment stops

  • [enhancement] Add last known distances storage for appointments

  • [UI] Optimize Photo Upload for dark mode[fix] Edit more than one field at a time in edit profile

  • [fix] Show appointment distance when appointment is in progress


Mobile App: iOS v 6.0.1

  • [enhancement] Add App version to Settings

  • [enhancement] Show Address Label and Address for Pre-Appointment and Post-Appointment stops

  • [enhancement] Add last known distances storage for appointments

  • [fix] Edit more than one field at a time in edit profile

  • [fix] Prevent Face ID from unlocking app when GPS is not enabled


  • [enhancement] Refactor Order Form and Patient modal on appointment form to use the same validation for the Date of Birth field

  • [enhancement] Default CSV download for Office Users to off

  • [UI] Update the Address Verification modal on account creation

  • [fix] When editing a recurrence of a schedule pattern, the pattern can’t end before the schedule block starts

  • [fix] Custom fields on Order Forms can’t have the same name, the Order Form will prevent the changes from being saved

  • [fix] The Partners information modal will open after clicking the i icon

  • [fix] The count at the bottom of the Partners page is accurate

  • [fix] Handle error when attempting to create an appointment without an address

  • [fix] Uppercase state on appointment PDF

  • [fix] Mileage Tracking marker stays visible when clicking edit

  • [fix] Allow tags to be successfully deleted from an appointment

  • [fix] Don’t allow negative values for duration or payments on a Service


  • [enhancement] New button to duplicate Order Forms

  • [enhancement] Hide restricted appointments from Mobile Users on web app

  • [enhancement] Add tags to a new service on creation

  • [enhancement] Front end handling for Office Users without permission to edit other users

  • [enhancement] Overlay on Labor Providers “remove from network” button has an “X” instead of a check mark

  • [fix] Address verification modal zooms to street level

  • [fix] Prevent toast notifications for cancelled queries


  • [enhancement] Add preferences to Mobile Users Account page (previously these preferences were only found on the mobile app, this change brings them to the web app as well)

  • [fix] Add the Mobile User’s time zone on sign up instead of using UTC

  • [fix] Patient responses to the self-scheduling email go to the organization

  • [fix] UI adjustment to prevent tags from covering the appointment card if the appointment has a lot of tags


  • Retired: Leaving and Processing statuses have officially been retired


  • Fix: Default Start Time field on forms now only accepts numbers

  • Fix: Smooth transition when converting an intake to an appointment

  • Fix: If an orderer doesn’t have the Create Appointment permission enabled, the order form will not be submitted

  • Fix: Default map view now zooms to USA instead of 0,0

  • Fix: Remove Intercom chat bubble from SRF page

  • Fix: Archive and PDF options are only visible to originator/distributors

  • Fix: Mobile Users on web-app don’t get dropped appointment alerts

  • Fix: Users who are both Mobile Users and Orderers who also have the Appointment Edit permission enabled can edit all patient fields


  • Enhancement: Add optional fields to adjust the latitude/longitude of an address on verification

  • Enhancement: Optimize Mapbox distance cache

  • Fix: Tag issue


  • Android and iOS (v6.0.0) mobile app: Authentication service update


  • Enhancement: Authentication service


  • iOS app (v 5.2.5): enhances availability management by allowing mobile users to add time off 

  • Fix: Add toggle for Appointment List filter to include unscheduled appointments and apply this filter to CSV download

  • Fix: Have end date end at end of day instead of beginning when filtering the Appointment List by selecting a custom date


  • Fix: Prevent users from being able to leave the Time Off “Other” field blank

  • Fix: Replies to invitation emails are sent to the organization contact email 

  • Fix: Save the estimated route in the directions service when a mobile user first accepts an appointment and sends a GPS update 

  • BETA Dashboard Map Feature: Allow users to select both “all unscheduled” appointments in addition to scheduled appointments when filtering appointments based on appointment time in the Dashboard Map 


  • iOS app (v 5.2.4): enhanced mileage calculations 


  •  Fix: Patient tracking link when mobile users have no biography set.


  • Feature: Add a biography section for mobile users. This biography can be edited on the user's profile and will appear on patient tracking links.  


  • Bug fix: Change MDT to MST for Arizona addresses

  • Bug fix: Give specialist distinction to office users who are invited to be mobile users

  • Bug fix: Don't index an appointment with a mobile user ID if an appointment isn't assigned to the mobile user because of a schedule conflict


  • Bug fix: Remove the edit controls from unclaimed appointments

  • Copy change:  Capitalize the state name in the reports graph


  • Bug fix: Prevent original appointment time from coming back on save when duplicating an appointment and changing the time

  • Bug fix: UI correctly portrays if the password confirmation matches when updating a password

  • Bug fix: Handle rapid updates and deletions of schedule blocks in mobile app 


  • Android app: Add preference for mobile users to receive a phone call for any cancelled appointments they are assigned to 


  • BETA Dashboard Map Updates:  expand clusters of users and appointments, search by address, movement animation, and zoom to street view button


  • iOS app (v 5.2.3): Bug fix


  • iOS app (v 5.2.2): Add preference for mobile users to receive a phone call for any cancelled appointments they are assigned to 


  • Bug fix: Capture and ignore audio and notification browser permission errors

  • Bug fix: Editing custom fields now leaves notes on appointments

  • Bug fix: An error is thrown if an attempt is made to save an appointment with an invalid phone number


  • BETA Dashboard Map Updates:  animation for user movement and address search


  • Allow users to assign mobile users to an appointment directly from the Dashboard Map View

  • Added two new notification/email alerts for orderers: appointment accepted and appointment completed


  • Bug fix: show both estimated and actual routes on specialist tracking maps

  • Bug fix: on patient self-scheduling link, if a required date/time field is not completed when the patient attempts to submit, the required fields will be highlighted in red to indicate where further action is needed

  • Bug fix: appointment step updates logged in appointment notes include the step description 

  • Added a new email alert for when a user’s account email is changed

  • All orderer email preferences now default to ON for new users


  • Search by state abbreviations when selecting a state from the dropdown field

  • Fix calculation bug for the average time to accept statistic on Weekly Report

  • Fix bug to make all patient field data default to “on” when adding a new patient field to an order form

  • If an orderer completes the required fields for the patient request form, the patient will not be contacted to request more information 


  • iOS app version 5.2.1 -- added Pre-Appointment and Post-Appointment steps to the appointment flow, and restored Apple Maps as a navigation option


  • Added an organization-wide preference for the time a user is able to be idle on Workpath before being logged out  


  •  Bug fix: Internet Explorer TOS


  • Updated the user Terms of Service


  • Added organization-level Appointment Escalation timeout and color preferences. This brings back functionality to alert users of appointments not accepted by a mobile user within a specified amount of time

  • iOS app version 5.2.0 -- updated Maps to Mapbox  


  • Update date picker to allow more flexibility when filling out forms on smaller screens

  •  Title case all address states


  • Bug fix order form prefill 


  • New push notifications for mobile users; at 7 AM local time mobile users will get a push notification letting them know how many appointments they have today, and at 12 PM local time mobile users will get a push notification letting them know how many appointments they have tomorrow 

  • BETA Map View Improvements: copy change in search filters, and add AM and PM to the GPS timestamp

  • Bug fix to handle insufficient permissions


  • Image Crop update


  • Bug fix for removing a schedule block within a recurring pattern of schedule blocks 

  • Bug fix to sort users with the same name by ID on Availability Timeline

  • Bug fix to remove users from an organization


  • Bug fix refresh after login

  • BETA Map View improvements: display Mobile Users who have no GPS data on map at their home address 


  • Improved login authentication


   iOS app updates: (Version 5.1.19) 

  • Bug fix to support the link to Google Maps navigation

  • Bug fix to prevent the app from crashing by swiping between tabs 


  • Remove the “Visible” column on the Tag page 

  • Fix bug when typing in organization Address Book fields 

  • For new organizations without any invited users: revised the landing page on the invited users tab


  • Add “Publish to group” as an option when creating a new appointment if grouping feature is enabled

  • Appointment archive notes copy change

  • Fix to allow patients to edit completed address fields in order form patient fields

  • Update deleted patient request URL message and remove scheduled reminders when patient request intake is deleted

  • Fix to delete single schedule block in recurring blocks that span multiple days in UTC


  • Verify user address if edited on web app

  • Fix tag expiration check on appointment best matches 

  • Allow for non-standard spaces in user name

  • Copy change on appointment actions modal

  • Add status timestamp to appointment payload 

  • Fix typing in address fields in Address Book


  • Added the ability to archive appointments


  • Web app portion of new feature

  •  Fix issue to remove a new intake form from the list once it has been used to order an appointment


  • Added custom patient messages for when an appointment is claimed, accepted, cancelled, or completed

  • Patient tracking link will not show an arrival time if the map is still waiting on route information

  • Finance report CSV export includes mobile user names

  • Handle appointment creation through API without an end time  

  • Quicker load time for Service Request Form links 


  • Fix to capitalize state in mobile app (mobile app update)

  • Added the patient self-scheduling message to the customize patient self-scheduling feature


  • Fix to display all app alerts on alerts bell


  • Internal Updates for data analytics


  • Update to meta description of URL


  • Updated UI of Finance Report to accommodate appointments without a scheduled start date

  • Enhancement to API accessibility

  • Orderer user type will now display on user page


  • Editing the existing steps on a service will now allow for saving without having to edit another part of the form

  • Passing an incorrect service ID through the order form pre-fill will no longer crash the page


  • New phone number for automated text messages (833-537-0030) to fix issue related to some carriers rejecting text messages that contained links


  • Retention of search and filter parameters across user web sessions


  • Added more email alerts, based on appointment status, preferences that office users can opt-in to receive

  • UI Update- timeline notes for appointments scheduled without time will no longer say "invalid start date"

  • Copy Change on login screen- when typing the wrong email or password; error now says “Your email and/or password was incorrect. Please try again.”


  • Update to appointments with no start time: update appointment start time to timestamp for Arrived status if no time is added to appointment manually

  • Enhancement to Published push notification logic


  • Option to hide or show Address Book addresses to Orderers

  • Fix to prevent AM/PM toggle increments/decrements to appointment date

  • Enhancement to prevent mapping error message from popping up (mobile app)

  • Updated push notification for appointment address update (mobile app)

  • Added custom patient message option to include updates to appointment time


  • Opt-in preference for automated phone call when new appointment is published (mobile app)

  • Fix for progressing to "On the Way" greater than 24 hours prior to start time (mobile app)

  • Expansion of dark mode capabilities (mobile app)


  • Remove in-app visibility to appointments that conflict with previously scheduled appointments assigned to the Mobile User (mobile app)


  • Create appointments without a start time and send to your mobile users

  • Updated the csv download from the Dashboard to reflect appointment start date/time in address' timezone

  • Added an option to delete Tags 

  • Added an option to archive Services

  • Improved in-app mileage tracking responsiveness

  • Updated error message when Dashboard search returns no results

  • Capitalized address state in patient text

  • Enhanced search options on Service Request tab

  • Removed appointment edit button visibility from users without permission.

  • Enhanced appointment visibility limitations for orderers

  • Update to Stripe integration


  • Update to assigned push notification triggering event. (mobile app)

  • Fix for tag expiration alert email preference.

  • Fix for cancelled appointment push notification triggering event. (mobile app)

  • Enhancement to patient self-scheduling link provided via SMS

  • Enhancement to Groups to expand acceptable duration for message intervals.

  • UI update for Group edit modal.


  • Enhancement to integration with Stripe.

  • Picture orientation enhancement when capturing in-app photos. (mobile app)

  • Enhancement to error message communicating appointment reallocation. (mobile app)

  • Fix to allow for calendar drag on Availability tab. (mobile app)


  • Enhancement to integration with Stripe.

  • Fix for published appointment push notification triggering event. (mobile app) 

  • Company logo scale and orientation enhancement.


  • Fix for state pre-fill on Order Form address field. 


  • Enhancement to the UI presented during the password reset verification process in the mobile web browser. (mobile app)

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