Groups are designed for Orderers to send appointments to a targeted group of your Mobile Users. Groups publish the appointment to one Mobile User at a time until a Mobile User accepts. Please note this is different than normal published appointments that alert all eligible Mobile Users simultaneously.

You can access the Groups tab from the left menu of the Workpath platform.


If you do not see the Groups tab, you will need to contact your account manager to have it activated for your account. 

Click the “Add a Group” button.

Enter the name of the new Group and click “Submit”.

The Group will save, and the pencil icon will become visible in the upper right of the Group Card. Click the pencil icon to edit the Group settings.

The edit Group modal allows you to edit the Group’s name, Group Card color, time interval and order preference.

Time to Wait Per User

The time to wait per user setting allows you to specify how long you would like the Mobile User to have access to the published appointment before it is offered to the next Mobile User. 

Please note: The Mobile User will no longer be able to view the appointment in the Workpath app once the time interval expires. 

You can set the time interval’s unit to seconds, minutes, hours, or days. 

Order By

The order by setting allows you to specify if you want the Mobile Users in the Group to be sorted by priority or distance when a new appointment is published to the Group.


Priority publishes the appointment to the Mobile Users based on the Groups hierarchical order. The Mobile User at the top of the Group will receive the appointment first. 


Distance publishes the appointment to the Mobile Users based on the Mobile User’s proximity to the appointment address. The Mobile User closest to the appointment will receive the opportunity first.

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