Publication Targets allow your team to follow, in real-time, the status of appointments that are progressing through a Group. As soon as an appointment is published to a Group via an Order Form, the Publication Targets of the appointment will display the current status of each group member. 


Publication Targets are only relevant and visible when using the Grouping feature. 

Location of Publication Targets

Publication Targets are visible on the Appointment Page. The Publication Target tab is visible next to the Mobile User. You can stop the Publication Target progression at any time by clicking the “Assign” button. 

The name in the upper right-hand corner indicates the Group that the appointment was published to from the Order Form. 

The Status to the right of the Mobile User’s name indicates the response to the Appointment opportunity. Please see the Publication Target Status section for a breakdown of each status’s meaning.

The timestamp below the Mobile User’s name indicates the time that the appointment published to that Mobile User. Please note that an appointment can only be published to one Mobile User at a time when using Groups.

The mileage to the right of the Mobile User’s name indicates the distance from the Mobile User’s home address to the appointment address. 

Publication Target Members

The order in which the Mobile Users are notified about the appointment depends on the setting of the Group. Mobile Users will either be based on priority or proximity. You can read about the difference in the settings in the Groups section. 

You can expand the Publication Targets window by clicking the three bars in the lower right-hand corner.

The expanded Publication Targets will show all Mobile Users in the Group in the order that they will receive the appointment opportunity. Please note there is no limit to how many Mobile Users can be added to a Group. 

Publication Target Statuses


The appointment was accepted by the Mobile User.


The appointment is currently being offered to the Mobile User.


The time interval for which the appointment was published to the Mobile User has expired and the appointment is no longer available to the Mobile User. 


The Mobile User is waiting in the queue to receive the appointment.

In Reserve – Overruled

The appointment was manually assigned to another Mobile User while it was actively published to this Mobile User.

In Reserve

The appointment was manually assigned to another Mobile User before it was published to this Mobile User.

Unavailable - Availability Conflict

The Mobile User has a time off availability block during that appointment’s start time.

Unavailable - Availability not set

The Mobile User doesn’t have availability set at the appointment’s start time.

Unavailable - Conflicts with a previously scheduled appointment

There’s an appointment on the Mobile User’s calendar that conflicts with this appointment’s start time. 

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