You can remove a User from your organization at any time if you have the remove user permission turned on for your User account. You can verify this permission is active by visiting the Permissions section of your User profile page. 

To remove a User, visit the Users tab of your Workpath account.

Search, filter, or scroll on the Users tab to find the User that you would like to remove from your organization. Once you find the User, you will see an “X” in the upper right corner of the User Card. Click the “X” to remove the User.

After you click the “X” you are required to confirm that you’d like to remove the User. 

After you confirm you’d like to remove the User, the User will no longer be visible on your organization’s Users tab. 

Please note: If you’d like to add a User back to your organization’s account, you will need to use the User invite process. 

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