The Workpath system validates the address as part of the appointment creation process. Occasionally, the address you enter may be different than the address the map verification system suggests to you. In this case you have a few options:

  1. Use the suggested address

  2. Drag and drop the locator icon and override the suggestion

  3. Enter the address coordinates and override the suggestion

  4. View all suggested address matches

Use the suggested address

If the suggested address looks correct, you can click "use this address" and proceed forward with the appointment creation. If you need a closer view, you can zoom in with the "+" icon.

Drag and drop the locator icon

If the suggested address does not appear correct, you can grab the locator icon and drag it to the proper location. This will prompt the map validation system to suggest a new address at the locator's location and you can use the new address.

Enter the address coordinates

If you know the coordinates, or can find the coordinates, of the address, you can enter the coordinates of the address directly. This will relocate the locator icon to the correct coordinates and allow the Workpath system to operate off of the coordinates as opposed to the address suggested.

View all suggested addresses

If the address does not look correct, you can view all suggested options by clicking "click here to view all found options." This will show you all options with the correct street address in the general geographic area of your initial input.

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