The Workpath platform allows you to manage your field workers and labor vendors ("Labor Providers") all under one roof. When creating an appointment, your scheduling team decides if it needs to go to your team or your Labor Providers.

Here's how it works:

First, you'll need to click the "New Appointment" button from the Dashboard to bring up the appointment creation template.

Next, you'll need to enter the appointment information and then you'll select the "Release to Third Parties" option on the right menu.

This will pop up a modal that shows your Labor Providers and suggest who are the best options to send the appointment to from your network. This modal orders your Labor Providers in order of closest coverage. In order to determine closest coverage, the Workpath system is reading the addresses of your Labor Provider's Mobile Users.

You can select as many Labor Providers as you'd like in the modal and each Labor Provider selected will have the opportunity to claim the appointment. Whichever Labor Provider claims the appointment first, gets to cover the appointment and it is removed from visibility of the other Labor Providers.

Once you have selected the Labor Providers, the appointment will be saved in the "Available" status and will now be visible to the Labor Providers.

After a Labor Provider accepts the appointment, the status will update to "Claimed" and you'll be able to see the Labor Provider that claimed the appointment under the "Servicing Organization" section on the Dashboard.

Use the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen anytime to reach us directly with any additional questions!

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